March 29, 2015

18 months of pure trouble

March 12,2015Lucas is talking.  He’s picking up everything that we are saying and doing, and although he can’t fully communicate, he is doing really well with repeating things back to us and expressing how he feels.   Its a good and bad thing, really. Lately my most favorite things are how he tries to say really big … Continue reading 18 months of pure trouble

The Nursery | Lucas | 2013

Very very soon this beautiful blue and white and gray nursery filled with elephants and diapers and a crib will be changing.  Not necessarily because I want it to, but because it’s almost time.  It’s what I anticipate, after 19 months of newborn, infant and baby.    It is full of memories of so much new … Continue reading The Nursery | Lucas | 2013

March 23, 2015

Morgan | Senior Session | Miss Sarasota High 2015

I have had the greatest time this year photographing seniors.   Morgan is the most recent shoot that I captured, at Phillippi Creek Estate Park in South Sarasota.   What was so special about Morgan’s shoot is the fact that she has been part of Sarasota’s Sailor Performance Circus since she was in grade school and she … Continue reading Morgan | Senior Session | Miss Sarasota High 2015

March 13, 2015

Katie | Senior Session | 2015

My gorgeous niece Katie is heading to Florida State in the fall…

March 11, 2015

Bath time

Sometimes all you need is some bubbles, a rubber ducky and some foam letters in the bath with your best girl. #lucasandcharlotte. The saga continues.

March 10, 2015


August 6th 2014. Sometimes my heart just skips when I look at you.   The faces, the movements…and most recently, the dancing.   You are just so precious.  Currently as I type this you are sleeping  (hurray for quiet time!)  and I am watching you on the monitor. This week we have been home for a few … Continue reading Homedays