March 29, 2015

18 months of pure trouble

March 12,2015
Lucas is talking.  He’s picking up everything that we are saying and doing, and although he can’t fully communicate, he is doing really well with repeating things back to us and expressing how he feels.   Its a good and bad thing, really. 
Lately my most favorite things are how he tries to say really big words (lawn mower, helicopter, binoculars)  and how he knows our older neighbor across the streets name (Edward, Edward, Edward) and will chant it nonstop while gesturing towards his house.   Its heartwarming and dumbfounding all at the same time. As parents, we automatically want to think that he’s brilliant, but there’s something more  there…. like how is it possible that he is picking all of this stuff up and then remembering it?   Pretty amazing.
Justin and I count our blessings every day, mostly through our exhaustion and frustrations with how independent and already opinionated Lucas is.    If he doesn’t want to do something, he will not do it!
We love that about him- the spunk and the determination and the passionate fight for everything