September 11, 2014


My trip to New Hampshire could not have been any more perfect…we were there for the arrival of this precious little one!  Well, I wish I had been there, been there, you know, as in at the hospital while she was born, but she got here so fast that there was no time for that to happen!

I am so excited for my very good friends Sherry and Nate!   This experience could not have happened to any two more deserving, kinder people, and I am so truly happy that you get to start on this amazing journey.   Parenthood is one of those things that you can’t fully grasp until you are thrown, fully unprepared into it. Exhausted, sore, hazy, overwhelmed…minute after precious minute, enjoy it all.  

Grace-Elizabeth, born August 29th, 2014.  6lbs 4 oz, 19inches.  4:46am