April 23, 2014

First Easter and Spring Pictures

Coming up on 8 months very soon and two new teeth on the way! That will be 7 total once the two on the top finally make their way down.The past couple of weeks have been so fun, as you have been learning independence and sharing your stubborn opinions with us.   You can walk in a … Continue reading First Easter and Spring Pictures

April 8, 2014

On The Move!

April 7, 20147 months A moving target, nowadays, you have places to go and people to see.   Starting to come into the world of relationships, and get so excited every day to see your friends Livia, Avery, Grayson & Cecelia from school, as well as your teachers.We think you are about 2 months ahead of … Continue reading On The Move!

Happy Baby

March 20, 2014 In 10 days you will be 7 months, and I wanted to take this time to recognize how amazingly far you have come in so many areas of your little but vast life so far. Yesterday was the first time I noticed you get so excited over being around other kids your … Continue reading Happy Baby