October 27, 2012

The Nichols at Rothenbach Park

I last photographed this family 2 1/2 years ago for Lily’s first birthday.   Before then, their first “official” family pictures made it to the blog here.   Its so amazing to watch babies grow up into beautiful children, and it remains a privileged that I get to photograph these children as they grow.  Its an amazing experience to literally watch them grow up through the lens of the camera.

We met at Rothenbach Park, one of my new favorite spots for family photos.   It has that perfect Florida setting for those not looking for the traditional beach shots, so keep it in mind Sarasota locals!    The sun was casting that warm beautiful light over the fields and through the trees, and the weather was just about perfect. 

Loved photographing this family.  Lily is one of those children you want to follow around with a camera and just shot candids from a far.  She’s stunning- with a head of curly red hair and huge green eyes, and a sweet sweet demeanor.   

I really loved each and every shot from this session.  Here are some of my favorites!