October 20, 2010

Best of Italy, Iphone Style

Since I rented the most beautiful lens for my trip this past summer to Italy, it only seems right that the majority of my favorite photos came from my Iphone! Below are pictures of my trip, from a handy little device courtesy of Apple. You can view ALL (1000+ of them) here! St. Peter’s Basilica, … Continue reading Best of Italy, Iphone Style

Jack, Age 3

Jack is probably my favorite subject. He’s charming, energetic, entertaining and is the only person who has practiced his “cheese” smile religiously! This was our third shoot together, at Hampton Beach, NH on Labor Day weekend. To see how much he’s grown in a year, click here. The weather was beautiful and the sunset was … Continue reading Jack, Age 3

Island Park Rainstorm

Back in July, a few days before I left for Italy, I was able to photograph Cole and family down at the Sarasota marina. We were literally 5 minutes into the shoot before it started torrential downpouring! These guys were great sports and made the most of the day.